Karen Potter


& Glass Mosaics

Lithography - Linocuts            Collagraphs - Etching

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telephone: 01825 750216

Member of Printmakers Council

BIP ART Brighton, Sussex Arts Collective and Fiveways,The Printhouse Group of Women Printmakers

Every September I travel to Cleggan, Connemara in Ireland to be a part of Clifden Arts Festival.  This brilliant festival has been an annual event for over 40 years and it draws together musicians and artists from Ireland and beyond.  West Coast of Ireland is a magical place and the land and sea very inspiring.  Just back from 3 months in Connemara.  I took my relief press from it's home in East Sussex to a cottage on the wild Atlandic Coast and was inmersed in bog, sea, rocks and seaweed.

Cleggan (Lithography)  Edition of 5  £320

Coral Beach (clifden) Lithography Edition of 6 £265

12 Bens, Connemara Lithography Edition of 7 £225

Cleggan Hill Lithography Edition of 5 £320

Cleggan Bay - Linocut and Chine Colle Edition of 30 £95

Perth Beach, Cleggan  - Reduction Linocut Edition of 10 £165

September Tide Edition of 5 Lithograph £295

Dawnlight Edition of 5 £465 Shanbooland Edition of 5 £240

These lithographies and Linocuts are inspired by the landscape and sea from the 12 Bens mountain range, Cleggan, Clifden and Connemara National park.